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  • Finances for Teens (Paperback)

    By (author): Steven Tylor O'Connor

    Being a young adult comes with many exciting milestones: driver’s license, first job, prom, graduation, voting, and financial independence. Your first step in the world of banking is to get a checking account. When you open your first account, you need to consider many factors. Finding an account that fits your style and preferences is vital. Second, you want to build yourself some semblance of a back-up fund. Learn about these critical items, and much more, in Steven Tylor O’Connor’s indispensable guide to finances for teens.
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  • Power of Truth characters fear being unable to distinguish truth from lies or being unable to spot or prove cover-ups, conspiracies, hidden pitfalls or the secret agendas of others. They suspect and try to detect what someone’s real motives might be or what is hidden from an initial or superficial assessment of a situation. They test and probe any inconsistency or uncertainty. Their greatest fear is misjudging people or circumstances and being tricked, deceived, getting hurt or being betrayed as a result. They can be paranoid, anxious, worried or skeptical in the extreme.
    List Price: $24.95 USD
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